What is Pakistani Fashion?

Pakistani Fashion

Pakistani Fashion is the latest trend in hairstyles, dressing shoes, body postures, and color schemes for makeup that different designers regularly apply throughout the year.


A trend has a particular style or looks that are popular around the globe simultaneously.

A trend in fashion is considered to be a more brief appearance. Fashion companies and brands offer styles that aren’t determined by seasons or collections for the new season.

The idea of a trend is that it can be derived from different cultures and communities around the globe.

Fashion is influenced by many aspects of the society that encourages it. These are Cinema, Celebrities, Climate, Creative Explorations, Innovations, Designs, Political, Economic, Social, and Technological.


Fashion is the most glamorous and under-rated profession. Everyone is a buyer of fashion and is frequenting stores or shopping at markets. They offered job opportunities to individuals who it qualified and not and people with skills or no qualifications throughout the world.

In Pakistan and around the world, Pakistani Fashion comes from the different traditions and cultures of various cultures and differs in their customs and languages. Pakistan culture encompasses four provinces Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, KPK.


In this society, most people are spoken Urdu or Do, the language is widespread in Pakistan Punjabi people who wear kurta salwar Choga, cheddar, Chola, Punjabi gaga.

Punjab is the most critical cotton-based industry that provides various regions of the country. The cotton industry is the most prosperous region. It helps keep the strength of the economy.

Punjabi ornaments:

Jewelry is a collection of exquisite rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and Cufflinks. It can wear jewelry close to the human body or the dress of a human. For a long time, metals like gold and gems stones were the most common material for jewelry. However, it also used other materials like shells and other plant substances.


Sindhi women are mostly wearing the Ghagra Choli, sari, and CULTURE OF MEN, they typically wear Shalwar kameez, or kurtas, with pajamas. The adoption of Shalwar kameez and the sari, or the Sindhi, was a part of their traditional outfits. They typically wear women and men. the shawl that is commonly referred to as Ajrak.

Sindhi Male dressing:

In the traditional, the male wears a Dhoti and lungi. The waist wrap is most common in rural regions and is paired with conventional upper clothing like the Angara.

SUSAN typically wears tightly-fitting clothes below the knees or in the ankles, whatever type or style of Shalwar is loosely wrapped around the ankle and is not snared towards the lower part of our legs.

Women aren’t required to wear the sultan until the 19th century’s early years. The men were wearing traditional pantaloons styles Sindhi Shalwar. Then, this time. People of all religions did not generally recognize the southern. It was first introduced in 1872. it discovered that the use was spreading to a broader part of Sindhi culture.


The people’s clothing comprises Kameez Shalwar or turbans along with shoes, headscarves, and shoes.

The male Shalwar kameez is an excessively baggy style that is paired with a variety of garments. The kameez is loose, traditional, and has long sleeves. It is a Balochi Shalwar kameez that is similar to the designs used by Afghani people. The current Balochi Shalwar or kameez is substituted for the older version that was an ankle-length robe. Shalwar is made from an oversized cloth that can reach 40 yards. Shalwar wears a traditional turban referred to as Pagri.


Balochi women wear loose clothes that are embroidered with traditional designs that are adorned with Balochi silk-thread chain-stitch. The female Balochi costume is made up of a headscarf and an embroidered dress Kameez Shalwar. Balochi embroidery comprises 118 fundamental techniques that are highly traditional and beneficial for their use.

KPK Fashion:

The traditional dress for the lower regions is the khatpartug. This is a Shalwar kameez outfit that is worn by both women and men in the KPK Region. The males also wear a turban and a scarf (called Pataki), while women wear a headscarf and the correct length of cheddar. The women keep their Vail away from the males.

The traditional costume of Peshawar and other areas of KPK is the dress that opens in the front. The Peshawari cap, also known as Gullah, can be described as a skullcap that has been quilted with silk or cotton and decorated with traditional designs. Peshawari Shalwar is extremely loose from the ankles.

ROLE OF Pakistani Fashion IN OUR LIFE:

Fashion is an integral aspect of our lives in the present day. Many people pay attention to the clothing of their peers and the appearance they present.

The purpose of clothing is to protect and shield our bodies from the impact of moral, social, or environmental elements. It is difficult for people to resist heat and cold. The clothes started fulfilling different functions, but the social aspect is the primary one. The other classes of society began to wear different kinds of clothes based on their needs and demands. It was not difficult to discern an exterior distinction between nobles. The difference was determined by the style and price of their clothes. The wealthy could afford top-quality and expensive materials, while lower-income people bought clothes to cover their bodies. Both genders paid a lot of money to designers who designed extravagant dresses, trousers, coats, shoes, and hats based on the customer’s preferences within their selection. Fashion is a type of art.

Designers Design

Rare clothes that primarily highlight social status and worth. It can wear fashionable clothing on various occasions. Designers usually design and create clothes that are popular with ordinary people. Your wardrobe was indeed stylish in the past.

Pakistani Fashion is a dynamic phenomenon. Designers alter their predominant styles and colors each year and then launch with a completely new look. They sport extraordinary clothes because they can and don’t consider the viewpoint of other people. They are confident and self-confident in their opinions.

Fashion is a distinct phenomenon that has strengths and weaknesses. If you’re looking to be elegant, you need to determine your style. It’s not required to look trendy. Simple jeans and a t-shirt are more appropriate than a dress.


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