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Error Code: Web developers who use Golang HTML code on Windows 10 have recently experienced issues with the 0x0 0x0 error. The error prevents users from opening their browsers.

Javascript, on the other hand, makes the website load faster! How can this be? How can this be? Is it simply that Windows 10 has a problem? You can find out how to fix Windows 0x0 0x0 errors by reading on! 

Script Code

You will see the following code if you use the script code listed below:

Package main

import (

// “fmt”






// “”


func main() {

http.HandleFunc(“/”, randNum)

log.Fatal(http.ListenAndServe(“:8080”, nil))


func randNum(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {

// Create a random number

aRand := rand.Intn(100)

type RNumber struct {

A int


Rnum := RNumber{aRand}

//Show Template

Tmp1, err := template.New(“randNum1”).Parse(“HTML NUMBER ======> {{.A}} “)

if err != nil {



err = Tmp1.Execute(w, Rnum)

print(err)//<==========Error (0x0 0x0)

time.Sleep(3000 * time.Millisecond)


randNum(w, r)


0x0 0x0 Error- How to Fix it?

User errors cause errors. The error occurs when users do not return from an HTTP handler. To terminate the connection after generating the desired output, they must flush and terminate the connection.

Users set up a never-ending loop by not looping the HTTP handler, resulting in a stack overflow and a failure. 

The built-in print function can also cause this. The printer is difficult to use. Avoid them as much as possible. They offer more features and are easier to use for those who prefer the FMT print features. 

Other Causes of 0x0 Error on Windows 

Similarly, 0x0 0x0  this error also appears when something is missing from the operating system. Faulty software installations and withdrawals cause errors such as this.

Users should follow the following steps to fix the error.

  • Download and install the PC Repair App
  • it can now launch the application.
  • By clicking on Scan Now, you can find out what is likely to cause the error.
  • Clicking “Fix All” will fix the issues.

It can also use this method to prevent future errors.

There can be many reasons behind the fault reported by error code 0x0. Among the reasons for erratic entries in the system, items are improperly configured system settings.

By retrieving system elements and adjusting system parameters, special software can resolve these issues.

Google describes the problem, what is causing it, and how It can fix it.

Meaning of Error Code 0x0 0x0

0x0 errors provide details about the issue at 0x0 0x0 Error Code How to Fix it? what caused it, which components or applications were the cause, etc.

The manufacturer of the defective component or application can normally crack the numerical code in the problem’s name. These errors can occur throughout a system at different times.

The problem’s name explains it, but without specialized technical skills or appropriate software, it is hard to find and fix the problem.

0x0 0x0 Due to Error Code

This warning indicates operating system problems. The user may encounter this error code due to a failed or futile installation or withdrawal of software. Invalid entries can remain on the computer following these events.

For example, it may have improperly shut it down. Power outages, accidentally deleting a system entry, or a lack of technical knowledge can cause this.

Status 0x0

When you receive this error message, it indicates that there is something wrong with your PC. Incorrectly or futilely installing or uninstalling software may result in error code “0x0”, leaving invalid entries in your system.

What Is 0x0 C++?

In C++, “0” and “0x0” are treated the same. 0x precedes a number, indicating that the value is in hexadecimal. The number 5 is represented by 0x5 in hexadecimal. Furthermore, 0xA [in base 16 hexadecimal] equals 10 [in base 10].

Error (0x0 0x0) [Golang /Window10/64bit]

In the Go script below, I caught an error (0x0 0x0) using Golang Html/Templates. Firefox and Chrome, however, displayed Javascript correctly.

How to Fix This Issue?

Windows 10 64-bit is running my deactivated version.

There is no return from HTTP handlers. Once the output is generated, you must return it to the connection to be flushed.

This is recursion, rather than a loop, that will never terminate and eventually overflow the stack. Why do we print? –

Burak Serdar

Sep 9 ’19 at 21:19

Print is an inbuilt function like len, cap, make, println, etc. The printing features aren’t as full-featured as fmt.

It was difficult to redirect print’s output on the screen. When the err is nil, there are no fields (not sure why it appears like there are two fields, but it shouldn’t be there if it’s nil). Your bottom function is being called recursively, as @bserdar mentioned. I wouldn’t recommend that. –

Corey Ogburn

Sep 9 ’19 at 21:24

My apologies, @CoreyOgburn. I didn’t know there was a printing feature. As seen in the printout, 0x0 0x0 corresponds to a type and value, which appears to be the internal value.

Burak Serdar

Sep 9 ’19 at 21:27

Println and print are more of a hassle than an aid. Println and print cannot substitute for FMT. Println and print cannot substitute for FMT.

The two of them don’t allow you to format anything, nor do they print structs the same way. Instead of printing to stdout, they appear to print to the terminal directly. Avoid them. 



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